Rewilding the rainforest ...


The Doctor V team take human impact on the planet seriously. A major focus has been understanding the relationship forests have on oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, weather patterns, rainfall, and soil quality. Forests play an unimaginably important role in climate change, carbon dioxide reduction, drought prevention and even ocean health. Doctor V’s team therefore loves to plant trees. Lots of them.

Doctor V Energy has partnered with HalfCut Organisation, and their venture to rewild the Daintree Rainforest. Our donations to date will see more than 100,000 trees established in the region.

We’ve chosen HalfCut because we love their environmental passion and commitment to our planet. And since they have low costs, we know they’ll make the most of our donation to create a positive change for our planet. Doctor V alongside the team at HalfCut will continue to restore our treasured forests. With this current initiative Doctor V is now proudly carbon positive.