upgrade your energy drink quit the crap


Gamers want sharp focus, fast reflexes, and the energy and stamina to play longer and perform at their peak. But the traditional energy drinks they commonly consume give them the jitters from too much sugar and a crash from too much caffeine causing rapid drops in energy and focus, cutting playing time, stunting performance and limiting their game time.


Doctor V Brain Storm
is a natural energy drink
boosting energy, stamina
and immunitywith wild
adaptogenic and
nootropic herbs.


No jitters. No crash.
Just 100% metabolic
energy allowing gamers
to Play Longer.


Adaptogenic & Nootropic Powerhouse.

Doctor V Brain Storm includes adaptogenic herbs, such as Siberian Pine Extract, Sea Buckthorn Berries and Schisandra. Adaptogens are herbs that support our ability to deal with physical and mental stress without major side effects, while nootropics enhance cognitive function, sharpening our mental focus and reflexes.

Less Sugar
Less Caffeine
Less Jitters
More Energy