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The Doctor V story began in 2008 when Sydney businesswoman and entrepreneur Kimberley Holden collapsed in the office she shared with long-time friend Joseph McGlennon. Diagnosed with a brain tumour, Kimberley spent 12 months recovering under the care of Russian-based scientist and naturopath Dr Vagif Soultanov, who had access to herbs, berries and other ingredients not found anywhere else in the world. One of those ingredients was Bioeffective I, an extract of Siberian Pine.

Naturally learning about brain health and thinking more deeply about her wellbeing than any other time in her life, Kimberley wondered if Siberian Pine could help more people. The idea was born for a healthy drink that improved energy, stamina and immunity, without the negative side effects of traditional energy drinks.

Armed with a commitment to improving bodies and minds with a healthy alternative, Kimberley and Joseph launched Doctor V in Australia in 2020. Fast forward to 2021 and Doctor V is fast-becoming the convenient go-to energy boost for athletes and adventurers, students, gamers, busy-professionals across the world.

No Jitters. No crash.

We’re living in a time when there are so many demands on our energy, but before the dynamic duo created Doctor V there was nothing available that could boost your energy without some really scary side effects! Traditional energy drinks can give you the jitters from too much caffeine, a crash from too much sugar, or worse!

But the pressure to perform and be at our best has never been higher. Thankfully, we’re all starting to realise that to do that we have to stay strong and healthy – in both our minds and our bodies. Kimberley and Joseph worked with specialist doctors and naturopaths to create drinks that improve health, rather than detracting from it.

The result? Four refreshing drinks that boost energy, stamina and immunity without artificial colours, flavours, perseverative or synthetic herbs! The pair made a point of not using cheap chemicals like many energy drink brands, so Doctor V contains natural herbs rather than synthetics, and half the sugar and caffeine you would find in similar drinks on the market.

It’s all about the herbs! 

Travelling to Siberia, the team spent 18 months working with Dr Soultanov. They met with everyone from herbalists and berry pickers to food chemists, taking time to understand the ingredients and their potential to boost energy, while helping people thrive with the demands of modern life.

Discovering Siberian Pine is high in natural iron, bioflavonoids, micronutrients and antioxidants, it became the hero ingredient in all drinks. It’s also a highly regarded adaptogen in Russia. Adaptogens are a group of herbs and plants that help you deal with physical and mental stress without major side effects. They’ve been used for centuries to reduce adrenal fatigue, restore balance and boost performance. In fact, Siberian Pine was used to prevent scurvy and nourish a starving population in the 3-year Siege of Leningrad!

All drinks use different wild, hand-picked adaptogenic herbs to help you tick different health, productivity and wellness goals. Choose Brain Storm for faster and clearer thinking; Siberian Rush for pre-workout; Bender Mender for faster recovery; and Karma Karma for a gentle energy and mood lift!