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V Bender Mender

Traditional energy drinks give the jitters from too much sugar, a crash from too much caffeine causing rapid drops in energy and dehydration, which hinders recovery. They can also increase anxiety, and may lead to the “booze blues”.

Why You Will Love It

Made with Siberian pine, schisandra, and juniper berry to help speed up recovery. 

V Siberian Rush

Athletes want a healthy grab-n-go energy boost for quick release pre-workout fuel to push anylimit, and the stamina to perform at their peak. Just100% metabolic energy.

Why You Will Love It

Scientifically formulated by doctors and naturopaths, Doctor V healthy energy drinks deliver100% natural, metabolic energy without the damaging side-effects of traditional energy drinks.

V Karma Karma

Unlike traditional energy drinks that use artificial herbs synthesised in a laboratory, Doctor V only uses wild, handpicked berries and herbs sustainably grown and harvested, mostly from the arctic circle.

We never use artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Ever!

Why You Will Love It

Powerful formula
Created with Siberian pine needles,
green tea extract and wild handpicked berries
used by Vikings, Cossacks and Cosmonauts,
Doctor V will change the way
you think about energy drinks!

V Brain Storm

If you want sharp focus, fast mental
reflexes, and the energy with stamina
to think at your peak.

Brain Storm is the drink for you.

Why You Will Love It

Doctor V Brain Storm includes adaptogenic herbs, such as Siberian Pine Extract and Schisandra Adaptogens may support our ability to deal with physical and mental stress without major side effects, while nootripics may enhance cognitive function. 

Less Sugar
Less Caffeine
Less Water
Less Jitters
More Energy
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