upgrade your energy drink quit the crap

Going on a Bender

Grab a Mender

Bender Mender?

Scientifically formulated by doctors and naturopaths, Doctor V Bender Mender delivers 100% natural, metabolic energy without the damaging side-effects of traditional energy drinks.


Traditional energy drinks give the jitters from too much sugar, a crash from too much caffeine causing rapid drops in energy and dehydration, which hinders recovery. They can also increase anxiety, leading to what consumers call the “booze blues”, adding to an overall negative experience.


Doctor V Bender Mender is a natural energy drink boosting energy, stamina and immunity with wild adaptogenic herbs.



No jitters. No crash. No dehydration.


Just 100% metabolic energy restoring peak performance in no time.

Why Bender Mender?

Made with Siberian pine, schisandra, and juniper berry to help speed up recovery. Schisandra is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and helps fight adrenal fatigue and stress, lift energy, mood, memory, focus and concentration helping combat what consumers call the “booze blues”, or post-drinking anxiety.

Less Sugar
Less Caffeine
Less Jitters
More Energy